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Joffrey's Middle East

In 1984, our passion for truly exceptional coffee and tea inspired us to start something special. So we searched for the very best beans and tea leaves that earth had to offer.

When Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company opened its first store, it developed an unequivocal reputation as purveyor of the finest coffees in the world. In 1999 Joffrey’s positioned itself as a supplier of the finest profile of specialty coffee range in the world.

Joffrey’s Middle East completes the ultimate coffee experience with an expanded menu of culinary and beverage delights in a charming atmosphere.

Joffrey’s Background

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Company USA was founded in 1984. With its own roasting plant, Joffrey’s was the first company to bring the coffeehouse concept to Florida. Its first coffee house in Old Hyde Park, which opened in 1985, soon became a social gathering place for the urban professionals living in the surrounding area.

Over the time, Joffrey’s expanded to other metropolitan areas such as Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota and Miami. Joffrey’s got further recognition and encouragement, when Walt Disney World awarded it the contract to open exclusively at location venues in the Theme Park and Resorts. With the acquisition of Sweet Life Desserts and the opening of Joffrey’s own Bakery, the line of scrumptious offerings expanded further.

When Al Ghazzawi Group obtained the development rights for Saudi Arabia in 1995, Joffrey’s evolved into an international company. The rich relationship continued to develop with Al Ghazzawi becoming the sole proprietor of Joffrey’s Middle East.

Part of Joffrey’s corporate policy is to continuously provide training and guidance to its franchisees in order to ensure that only the highest quality and best products are sold and served to Joffrey’s customers worldwide. It also ensures that all of the Joffrey’s locations are developed with similar standards although Joffrey’s encourages its franchisees to design their stores in tune with local custom and culture, which allows Joffrey’s cafes to become an integral part of the local community.

Joffrey’s is not only famous by its outstanding specialty coffee but also by its wide range of exquisite variety of teas selection that are imported from all over the world and proudly served to our cherished customers.

Joffrey’s has also extended its menu range with delicious pastries, delectable sweets, refreshing juices and tasty sandwiches to satiate the needs of Joffrey’s fans.

Joffrey’s Responsibilities And Commitment

The total Joffrey’s experience further extends to its knowledgeable, enthusiastic and courteous team of personnel who endeavor to make the experience truly unforgettable. They are always driven by the motto : A Satisfied Customer and Joffrey’s Lover.

The success of Joffrey’s Coffee and Tea Company is built on the premise that the more Joffrey’s guests know about coffee; the more they can truly appreciate the Joffrey’s experience. We have always believed in the importance of building a great, enduring company that strikes a balance between profitability and social conscience.

Therefore, each and every employee is educated about the exacting standard of beverage preparation and product knowledge. Joffrey’s Personnel are trained by consultants comprised of experts in the field of human resource development and restaurant management. Our staff members are trained for forty hours (including two days in our roasting plant) and they attend follow-up training for six months after they become a part of the Joffrey’s team.