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Welcome to Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Company

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Our Roastmaster

Chris, our Roastmaster, lives and breathes coffee. When he's not traveling the coffee-growing regions of the world to select the finest crops to import, he's researching, roasting, blending and cupping to insure you the best possible coffee experience with every cup of Joffrey's coffee.

Chris began roasting coffee 18 years ago, and it has been his passion ever since. He personally approves each and every crop selected for import and supervises the entire roasting process. He and his staff roast by hand, in small batches, for full control over the roasting process. This gives you the maximum flavor and aroma.

Joffrey's exceptional quality begins long before the coffee reaches our facility. The Roastmaster visits coffee plantations and family farms around the world each year, searching for the finest crop offerings available. Chris hikes out to the fields and hillsides where the coffee trees are grown to assess the growing conditions, the health of the trees, and the harvesting methods used. He then follows the cherries through the cleaning, drying, and hulling process to evaluate the quality of the final green coffee beans.

Finally, he selects only the best of the best to bring home where the Joffrey's team gets to work.

First, the incoming beans are inspected to make sure that the coffee which arrives at our processing facility is of the same quality as the coffee Chris has chosen out in the field and that no damage has occurred during its voyage. A sample of each shipment is roasted and cupped to ensure consistent flavor.
Next the beans carefully hand-roasted in small batches, each tended personally by the Roastmaster or one of his assistants. Chris experiments to find the optimal roast for each coffee.

"Nobody knows everything," he says, "We all learn something new every day." Chris learns his art from the coffee itself, continually adjusting roasts and blends to make the most of each and every bean.


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Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Company

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