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Welcome to Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Company

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Joffrey’s Atmosphere

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Background

Joffrey’s Commitment To Our Guests

Since Joffrey’s Coffee Company opened its first store in 1984, it has developed the unequivocal reputation as purveyor of the finest coffees in the world. Today, Joffrey’s Middle East completes the ultimate coffee experience with an expanded menu of culinary and beverage delights in a charming atmosphere. Joffrey’s Middle East aims to bring exquisite taste and outstanding service in a captivating atmosphere. We welcome opportunities for expansion through mutually enhancing relationships built on international vision and experience.

Joffrey’s unique position in the Middle East :

  • We have excelled in the market for the past six years.
  • We are privately owned resulting in our total focus on product quality.
  • We provide locally hand-roasted coffees to our customers within 24 hours of roasting.
  • The only specialty coffee company in Saudi Arabia, which offers freshly flavored coffee beans.
  • All of our tea, drink and bakery/dessert products excel in taste and freshness.
  • Our stores are tailored to fit into the local retail environment enabling them to become part of the local community.

Joffrey’s commenced its operations in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia in 1996, by opening its first store in the prestigious “Al Rashid Mall”- Al Khobar. For the coffee lovers in this part of the world, it was the first opportunity to have a tête-à-tête with the true taste of American specialty coffee. With our own roasting & flavoring facility, fully backed by a special tasting laboratory, Joffrey’s offered to the Saudi-based clientele an unique refreshing coffee experience. The market welcomed us with open arms and we were blessed with a very special type of clientele – “ the Joffrey’s Lovers”.

Joffrey’s became known, not only for dreamy coffees but also for the new tantalizing teas which we introduced to our customers. Our carefully selected and imported specialty teas of various characters and flavors arrive from all around the globe. Completing our menu with our baked delicacies, delicious desserts, refreshing juices and savory sandwiches gained resolute loyalty among Joffrey’s lovers.

The spectacular success and positive response enabled us to open Joffrey’s cafes throughout the major cities of Saudi Arabia. Currently, we have a total of seventeen stores and outlets inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and are in the process of expanding our locations. As part of our expansion plans for the entire Middle East, we are opening a Joffrey’s Café in the new Bahrain Mall and are presently extending the Joffrey’s experience to several other countries including UAE, Qatar, Kuwait ,Egypt and Lebanon.

At Joffrey’s, we are proud to be recognized for our hospitality and the quality of service afforded to our clientele. We cater to the desires and tastes of all age groups. Our menu and atmosphere encompasses something for everyone. Among our favorite customers are students in the area. When Dhahran Academy Facility invited us to open a store after a rigorous evaluative process, we were elated to comply.

Among our local and international clientele, Joffrey’s honors the trust and patronage of various expatriate communities. We have developed family-like relations with local groups and organizations. We are proud to be a Gold Sponsor of the American Women of the Eastern Province (AWEP). Furthermore, we are pleased to expand to meet the needs of our loyal customers. As a direct result of the significant expatriate patronage of McDonnell Douglas staff that Joffrey’s was requested to open a store in their residential compound, Jadawel City – MD 22.

We have always felt that our loyal patrons should not be limited by time or location. Joffrey’s freshly roasted Coffee Beans as well as Joffrey’s Specialty Teas are available to savor taste buds at home and office with our take-away service, thereby extending the “Joffrey’s Experience” even when away from our cafes. Our products are supplied to numerous prestigious hotels in the region and are available at various supermarkets including the commissaries of Arabian Food Supplies.

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Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Company

P.O. Box 7346, Jeddah-21462
Saudi Arabia
Ph: 00966-2-6511010
Fax: 00966-2-6514844

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