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Welcome to Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Company

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Joffrey’s Atmosphere

Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Background

Joffrey’s Team

The total Joffrey’s experience further extends to its knowledgeable, enthusiastic and courteous team of personnel who endeavor to make the experience truly unforgettable. They are always driven by the aspiration of, “A Satisfied Customer and Joffrey’s Lover”.

The success of Joffrey’s Coffee Company is built on the premise that the more Joffrey’s guests know about coffee; the more they can truly appreciate the Joffrey’s experience. Therefore, each and every employee is educated about the exacting standard of beverage preparation and product knowledge. Joffrey’s Personnel are trained by consultants comprising of experts in the field of human resource development and restaurant management. Our staff members are trained for forty hours (including two days in our roasting plant) and attend follow-up training for six months after they become a part of the Joffrey’s team.

At Joffrey’s, we strive not only to meet our customer’s expectations, but also to consistently surpass them through constant motivation and attention to detail.

High Hygiene and Health Standards

Part of the dedication to our clientele is the assurance of uncompromising health and hygiene standards. We ensure total cleanliness and neatness of all our facilities, especially in the kitchens and toilets and maintain a very rigorous regime in this respect. We also meticulously clean all of our equipment and installations regularly as per the standards set by the Joffrey’s Corporate policy. All of Joffrey’s employees undergo mandatory health exams every six months and each and every one of them holds the requisite health cards and certificates. Finally, we retain the services of reputed pest control establishments on a regular basis to guarantee that all our facilities and stores are virtually pest free.

Pricing Joffrey’s

We have always been very considerate and conservative while pricing our items. At Joffrey’s, we try to take into account the comfort of our customers in all respects. The prices of all of Joffrey’s items are lower than our competitors’ by 15- 30%.

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Joffrey's Coffee & Tea Company

P.O. Box 7346, Jeddah-21462
Saudi Arabia
Ph: 00966-2-6511010
Fax: 00966-2-6514844

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